We are taught as children, that when you fall down, you brush yourself off and you get back up again. For twins, Jacy and Jana Ayers, that is exactly the way they have lived their lives; and every time they’ve stood back up, they’ve had more strength, hope and faith than the last time. Together, the two make up musical duo, Lavendine and their lyrically driven tunes are a pure representation of who the women are and how they view every day. Their debut album, Feel My Way, is comprised of 10 tracks that somehow manage to find a balance of honesty and strength, darkness in light; an admission that things are not always easy, but filled with enough strength and hope that they know they will be.

Have you ever wondered why it gets the darkest right before the dawn/And the road you’ve been traveling/ Oh it feels like it’s the wrong one/ That’s when you realize this is not where my story ends

Born in Liberal, Kansas, raised mostly in Oklahoma and eventually following their dreams to Nashville (two times), the sisters first fell in love with music and performing at just 4 or 5 years old. Jana recalls, “we were just little bitty’s standing on two bales of hay, singing background vocals in church as a favor for someone.” 

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Larry Pareigis – Nine North Records

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